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     The  restaurant and cabins are located inside the Cave In Rock State Park, sitting high above and overlooking the mighty Ohio River in Hardin County, Illinois. Cave In Rock State Park was created in 1929 but its history dates back several centuries. The 55-foot wide cave is situated on the north bank of the river and served as shelter for Native Americans as well as French explorers. During the late 18th century and the early 19th century, the cave served a darker purpose. Outlaws and river pirates used the cave as a headquarters, robbing and sometimes killing the people who used the river as a means of transportation heading west. After the outlaws were removed from the cave, it was used for revivals, town meetings, shelter, and even as the backdrop for a western movie, How the West Was Won. Walt Disney filmed 2 of the Davey Crockett Movies in and around the cave. A History Channel documentary, called River Pirates of Cave in Rock, was produced in 1998 about the outlaws and pirates that once called the cave home.

     Cave-In-Rock State Park is a beautiful wooded 204-acre park. Recreation choices include boating, camping, fishing, and picnicking. Aside from the Cave, there are also two hiking trails that give visitors a variety of scenic views of the park and river.

     Garden of the Gods is one of the main attractions in our area for rock climbing or simple hiking trails to see spectacular rock formations, including Camel Rock ,which is featured on the 2016 IL State Quarter.

     The Cave in Rock Ferry offers a free ride, either by foot or to drive across, to see Kentucky's Amish Country. The old city jail is located on West Clay Street in Cave in Rock and open for the public to view. Many more amazing sights and attractions can be found by visiting